From Old Batteries to Solar Cells: MIT Engineers Cracked the Recycle Code

From Old Batteries to Solar Cells: MIT Engineers Cracked the Recycle Code

The researchers at MIT have revealed that the discarded car batteries have enough lead in them to give solar panels power for lighting at least 30 homes. This will not only reduce the lead pollution but also utilize it better to provide the solar panels with emissions free power.

As per the researchers at MIT, the perovskite compound found in solar cells uses lead for production of power in the solar panels. While this is definitely cheaper than the conventional panels, it also has a high propensity to leave the toxic residues behind when the lead is procured from the raw ores. However, by using the recycled lead from old and utilized car batteries can be used to cut down the toxic material from the landfill areas and using it more efficiently in the panels for production of electricity for years.

The material that is required to build a perovskite photovoltaic panel is only half a micrometer in thickness which means that a single car lead battery can light up to 30 households. The process of producing perovskite solar cells is also a very simple and less complicated method. There is far less number of steps in production of this panel as compared to the conventional solar panel.

The main concern that gave birth to this research was the fact that the car batteries are undergoing a change from lead to lithium-ion batteries. This shift would leave at least 200 million lead-acid batteries unattended which poses a serious threat to the environment. However, now 90% of this lead that has been recovered is being utilized for the creation of solar panels that will produce clean and green energy.


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