Saturn’s moon shows signs of life

Saturn’s moon shows signs of life

The human being was always fascinated by the extraterrestrial life. Our popular culture is full of alien movies, comics and novels.  Even the scientific community began to verify the possibility of life on every other major body in the space.

During the initial days of the space race, scientists were fascinated by the moon and started investigating lunar atmosphere with probes, rovers.  After that, The red planet showed promising signs such as the presence of water and methane gas, as per the data revealed by several Mars missions.

But the latest target on the list of scientists is beautiful planet Saturn and its satellites. According to experts, sings of life on Earth are clearly visible from space due to its green color and blue water. But these features of the surface are not present in other planets and we need to conduct below surface explorations on the planets like Saturn and its satellites.

The investigation about potential signs of life on Saturn’s moon Enceladus may include deep digging of its surface. This is of course not impossible for the scientists as we have already conducted similar missions on the Moon and Mars’ surface.  The Enceladus’ surface is also not difficult to dig as it is covered by an ice cap with massive ocean underneath.

According to the NASA scientists, this would be the second best place in the solar system for the life in the solar system as they have already detected water vapor and other important materials by the Cassini space probe.


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