BlockIQ aims to stop ad blockers

BlockIQ aims to stop ad blockers

This is war! At least that seems to be what BlockIQ has declared on ad blockers. Those who know and are annoyed by ads on their screen and mobiles apply ad blockers in order for these not to show up. So far, ad blockers have worked wonderfully for internet fans.  However, the company BlockIQ is siding with enterprises that really want to get rid of those pesky ad blockers.  After all, their business invests in publicity this way and an ad that is not seen is one less lead.

The company has created a software that countermeasures the most popular ad blocker: Ad Block.  Through software called BlockBypass, they provide clients with different options to counteract blockers. One of the configurations allows them to simply educate their viewers on how blocking ads is what keeps websites operating and are important for them to survive. Other configurations will let owners refuse to show content to visitors unless the ad blocker is disabled. The most powerful one is to simply bypass the blocker.

According to statistics from PageFair, ad blockers have cost advertisers a total of $22 billion US. This is thanks to the increase of users worldwide of 41 percent in the last 12 months.

"The incredible growth of ad blocking has reached the tipping point where sites will no longer be able to operate," BlockIQ CEO Justin Bunnell said. 

The MO of BlockBypass is rather simple.  Ad blocker companies have a black list of companies that target undesired ads.  But they also have an algorithm that allows them to automatically and dynamically target those domains and add them to the list.  BlockBypass will make use of a technology similar to a proxy in a way that it will allow publishers to hide the location of the ad server.

According to the patent, “BlockBypass uses a cipher to encrypt or otherwise obfuscate the domain name, hostname, Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or other address or request of the advertisement call." 


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